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Benny Beaver

Benny Beaver | Oregon State University Mascot

Benny Beaver is the official mascot of Oregon State University. The beaver as the university's mascot is linked to Oregon's history as a territorial leader in America's early fur trade. The Oregon Territory was well known for its large populations of beaver and the region became a stronghold, in the 1800s, for the Hudson's Bay Company's beaver trapping operations. Once Oregon acquired statehood in 1859, the beaver continued as the state's symbol and was later adopted as Oregon's official mammal in 1969. The university's first documented use of a beaver as a mascot was found in a 1942 yearbook photo. In the photo, students are posing next to a statue of a beaver inscribed with the name Benny Beaver. Although this is the university's first documented use of a beaver mascot, there is considerable debate as to when the beaver was first used. Alumni from the early 1900s have claimed the school used the Beaver as a mascot as early as 1910. Benny was officially adopted as the OSU mascot in 1945.

 Beaver Walk

 Two hours before home games at Reser Stadium, the entire Oregon State football team and coaching staff walk through the Fan Fair at Parker Plaza, accompanied by the band, cheerleaders, and Benny Beaver.

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