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The Oregon Duck

The Duck | University of Oregon Mascot

The Oregon Duck, also known as the Fighting Duck, Donald Duck or simply The Duck, is the University of Oregon mascot. The Duck is based on the original Donald Duck character through a special license agreement with Disney. The Duck wears a green and yellow costume, and a green and yellow beanie cap with the word Oregon on it. The University of Oregon athletic teams were originally called the Webfoots. Sports reporters later changed the nickname to Ducks, and by the 1930s, a small white duck named Puddles began to appear at sporting events. By 1940, cartoon drawings of Puddles began to resemble Donald Duck, and by 1947, Walt Disney was aware of the issue. Capitalizing on his friendship with a Disney cartoonist, Oregon athletic director Leo Harris met Disney and reached an informal handshake agreement that granted the University of Oregon permission to use Donald as its sports mascot.

The Oregon Duck Fight

During the 2007 season opener against the University of Houston, the Duck got into an altercation with Shasta, the mascot for the Houston Cougars, for copying his routine of doing push ups after a score. Footage of the events that unfolded are legendary. It doesn't matter how many times you watch the Oregon Duck Fight video, it never gets old.

It Never Rains at Autzen Stadium

It's a tradition for the announcer to call out, It Never Rains at Autzen Stadium, sometime during each football game. Despite the fact that Eugene is a very wet place, it's a fact that it never rains at Autzen Stadium. Some believe that the location was a prehistoric landing zone for UFO's and others say that it is caused by magnetic anomalies within the earths crust. Whatever the case, there has been no record of rainfall at Autzen Stadium.

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